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9I'm Veena Prashanth, co-founder of (DAP) - widely regarded as one of world's top membership-site plugins, author of Amazon Best-Selling book - "Upsells Unleashed" and the creator of My membership-site software (DAP) powers over 44K websites and has over 26K Happy Dappers!

I've coached hundreds of membership-site clients, helping them unlock and activate the full potential of their membership site and empowered them with the right tools to grow their online business. My mission is to provide honest & real membership-site coaching that is based in sound principles.

Linda Bowen

Veena has been instrumental in helping me monetize my site, her coaching is an essential part of running a successful membership website. With her experience on the technology side, her business acumen, she is the one to help people take their site from a good idea, to a real business.

Linda Bowen,

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By Veena (DAP)

I'm the Co-Founder & Co-Developer of (DAP). DAP is not just about protecting membership content. It's an end-to-end marketing platform - a complete marketing, e-commerce and content delivery ecosystem - all in one place.

DAP is as scalable as it gets with a membership solution. You can have unlimited members, unlimited products, unlimited affiliates and unlimited traffic.

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A WordPress Plugin Suite with unique tools and features
for online marketers.

I'm the founder and developer of

The goal of these plugins is to increase traffic to your web site, convert prospects into buyers and buyers into repeat customers. You probably won't see another Internet Marketer's toolkit so jam-packed with value and quality.

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Imagine the possibilities if you could take Marketing Automation to a whole New Level by connecting ANY Email Marketing Platform or ANY Shopping Cart platform of your choice to your membership site... in a matter of minutes!

That's exactly what DAPConnect allows you to do! It gives YOU the power of choice - use the tools, platforms and plugins that work best for you and let DAPConnect integrate them with your Membership Site powered-by DAP!

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Paypal Standard Upsell Plugin

I pioneered one of the first Upsell Plugins for Paypal Standard back in 2010. This plugin will allow you to do 2-clicks upsells even if you just have a Paypal Standard account.

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DAP Doctor

Automates troubleshooting and takes it to a whole new level!

My passion for customer care and support led me to pioneer a one-of-a-kind self-help tool called "DAP Doctor". You are not at the mercy of support tech taking hours to respond to your urgent requests.  The "DAP Doctor" automates troubleshooting and takes it to a whole new level!

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DAP Shopping Cart

Supports unlimited 1-click upsells

In 2012, I created a full-fledged Shopping Cart software with a built-in "1-Click Upsell" module that integrates with multiple payment processors -, and Paypal. I'll be launching my new shopping cart plugin called "PowerCart" in October 2016. It'll be one of the best shopping cart plugins for digital products.

By programming and providing tech support for both membership and sales funnel software she has created... Veena has an almost obscene advantage when it comes to getting back stage access into everyone's sales funnels.

Veena is not only a programmer and consultant... She is a marketer in her own right... And she understands the needs of all marketers... And that is why her wildly successful software (Digital Access Pass) and (PayPal Upsell Tree) are used by thousands of people and counting.

Kevin Halbert
Kevin Halbert

By Veena

Upsells Unleashed

Amazon Best-Seller

Imagine being able to increase your earnings by 30%, 50% or even double your earnings – just by plugging in Upsells into your existing sales funnel? And to know that you can achieve such increases in profits with your existing traffic and existing customers? No, I am not exaggerating or overstating the Power Of Upsells. It's a proven fact. My book is the answer to all your upsell questions. It's one of the most comprehensive books ever written on upsells. I've implemented upsells in our business, made mistakes and corrected them. About 35% of our revenue is from upsells. When you finish reading this book, you will be armed with actionable tips and strategies that you can instantly implement and see your profits skyrocket!

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I have been selling online since 2009, and I have met only a few internet marketers that really impressed me for their honesty and skills: Veena is definitely one of these marketers. I haven't used much upsells in my business so far, but thanks to her amazing book, I am finally starting to implement these in my business!

Giampaolo Floris
Giampaolo Floris &

The Complete Guide to Building a Membership Site!


In this book, I've shared my dream team of Platforms, Tools & Plugins that will allow you to build a scalable, robust and completely automated self-hosted membership-site - in 7 days or less!


How You Can Become a Best-Selling Author on Amazon Kindle!

Incredible Tips and a Step-by-Step Guide from an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

You Too Can Crush It On Kindle! Start your Own Best Seller Journey!


Veena's book on "How You Can Become a Best-Selling Author on Amazon Kindle" has me motivated to expand beyond paper and PDF, start distributing on Kindle and write my own Best Seller!

Kirk Ward
Kirk Ward

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