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Graeme Taylor-Warne

Meet Veena

Veena Prashanth is the author of Amazon Category #1 Best Selling Book - Upsells Unleashed. She is the co-founder and co-developer of, one of the leading Membership Plugins for WordPress used by over 40,000 websites worldwide. She is also the founder and developer of -  a WordPress Plugin Suite with unique tools and features used by hundreds of online marketers.

Veena pioneered one of the first-ever 'Upsell Plugin for Paypal Standard' back in 2010. She is also the developer of a full-fledged Shopping Cart software with built-in "1-Click Upsells". Veena is a highly successful tech enterpreneur and marketer with an incessant drive and passion for breakthrough-innovation.


"The lack of natural talent is just an excuse. It's irrelevant to achieving success.
You can change your destiny with hard work and perseverance."
- Veena Prashanth

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    Influence is all about engaging with your readers and raising their level of ambition. A great book can change a reader’s life…

  • Chapter 2: Self-Publishing Platforms

    Most publishers are now releasing their books in digital form first. And they go with the print version only…

  • Chapter 3: Self-Publishing Approach

    There are 3 main approaches to self-publishing: Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Hire Specialists, Work-for-Hire…

  • Chapter 4: Resources I used to Publish My Book

    I used a mix of individual specialists and a work-for-hire firm to publish my book…

  • Chapter 5: How I am Monetizing My Book

    Now that I have reached my goal of becoming an Amazon Best-Seller, I am using my book in multiple…

  • Chapter 6: How to Become an Amazon Best Seller

    Well, this is what most new authors want to know. This is what I wanted to know when I started writing…

  • Chapter 7: 17 Steps to Publishing Success

    It all starts with an idea. Pick a topic where you can offer insight and share your own experiences…

  • Chapter 8: KDP versus KDP Select

    Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the online platform for Amazon where authors can self-publish …

  • Chapter 9: EBook Publishing Tools

    Plain Old Word Document, Scrivener, Calibre, Sigil etc are great tools that can aid with…

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