Very Powerful yet often overlooked Strategy to gain Blog Subscribers


Running a blog is so much more rewarding when your audience is engaged. If the readers subscribe, show interest and share your work, it inspires you to work even harder to help your audience. You spend hours writing an exclusive blog post and even manage to get hundreds of visitors to your blog, but no…

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Amazon or Your Website – 7 things to Consider

Books Publishing Meaning Press E-Publishing And Non-Fiction

Just like book publishing could be a daunting task, setting up a website, payment processing, protecting and delivering eBook online has it’s own challenges. But the rewards (of selling it through your own website) are too great to not power through the initial hurdles. Do not limit yourself to one platform. You could leverage both…

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Your Profit Margin

Business growth concept by graph

Understanding your profit margin will allow you to make better business decisions.  It will tell you how much you can afford to re-invest in your marketing and traffic generating campaigns while remaining profitable.  Key factors that go into profit margin calculation: Cost of Traffic (PPC, Ads, SEO and other traffic generating Campaigns etc) Conversion Rate…

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Content Dripping


What is Content Dripping? Content dripping is just a fancy term for releasing content over a period of time, per a set schedule. It will allow you to ensure that everyone receives the content in the same sequence and follows the same schedule – no matter when they join. If a content is set to…

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What is a Membership Site?

Business Man Account LogIn Security Protection Concept

Membership site is a password protected site that will allow you to securely deliver different types of content. Your content is locked and users have to register to gain access. The access could be in exchange for their email (opt-in) or for a fee. Users register to get in and you deliver the goods. A…

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Cover Design


In this post, I am going to share all the steps involved in getting a high quality cover design done by the talented designers at 99Designs. First a little bit of background. In April 2015, I launched my first book – “Upsells Unleashed” – on Amazon Kindle! Within days after launch, my book was Amazon…

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About Me


My name is Veena Prashanth. I am thrilled you are here because I know I can be of help to you! First let me tell you a little bit about myself. If you have struggled or are struggling to make it big in the world of online marketing, we are not much different. Keep reading to…

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